III Monograph: Readers Respond

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Readers  Respond

1.The Mens Sana Monographs are excellent, novel and with a different  presentation from a new angle. I congratulate both of you for taking pains and making all the efforts to bring out such useful and informative monographs.

Dr. Indla Ramasubba Reddy*

M.D. (Psych), D.P.M (NIMHANS), F.I.P.S., Psychiatrist, Vijayawada - President, IPS South Zone (1999-2000) - Chairman, Juvenile Welfare Board, Krishna and Guntur Districts.


2.The focus on recent issues in the field of Psychiatry by Mens Sana Research Foundation is really encouraging. 

 Dr. R. K. Das*

M.D., President, Sound Culture Center, Sr. Specialist in Psychiatry, Bhubhaneshwar.


3.The Monographs are indeed very interesting and stimulating material about relevant issues that one may fail to pay attention to. I hope these monographs reach all the psychiatrists so that their views could also be known. 

Dr. Vivek V. Chincholkar*

M.D. (Psych.), D.P.M., D.N.B., Consultant Psychiatrist, Thane, Maharashtra.


*Editors Note: MSM wishes to thank these three gentlemen for their encouraging responses. Yes, MSM is novel, hope it is wholesome too. And hope it generates enlightened debate among fellow psychiatrists and other social scientists as well. And the views get shared with others to help generate viewpoints, consensual, contradictory, resolutional or whatever.

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