Questions that the VI Monograph Raises

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Q1. How can we bring about greater health awareness amongst people ?

Q2. How can people take charge of their own health ?

Q3. How far has primary health care as a concept succeeded all over the world? In the developing countries? And in India?

Q4. Why is there a lack of political will in India about health problems? How can it be remedied?

Q5. Do people really care what governments do with regard to health? Do governments really care what people need with regard to health? Do medical people really care what governments , and people, do with regard to health?

Q6. What specific thrust areas need to be targeted in the current X Five Year Plan (2002-2007), and subsequent plans, to increase health spending and bring about proper utilization of health-funds by the Center and States?

Q7. How far have we reached in the direction of Health for all by the Year 2000 (It is already 2004, remember)? And where do we go from here?

Q8. Will we ever have governments, people and medical establishments actively cooperating to bring about better health care for the citizens of this country?

Q9. What should doctors and medical institutions do?

Q10. What should governments do ?

Q11. What needs to be done to make health and education a hard-core political issue from the soft one it is today?

Q12. How can we ensure a Right to Health for the Indian citizens too?

Q13. How can we ensure that education, health and employment become the focus of attention in developing societies like India?

Q14. What specific efforts need to be put in to increase health spending from 0.9 % to 2% of GDP?

Q15. Are policies like medicare and medicaid viable in India?


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