X Monograph: Where is Medicine Heading? ... (Contd. II)

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Mens Sana Monographs, III,4-5, Nov. 2005-Feb. 2006                                                           11



The Tenth Mens Sana Monograph


The Academia - Industry Symposium 2005-2006


Where is Medicine Heading? Pointers and Directions from Recent Law Suits Against Industry:

Medicine As A Corporate Enterprise, Patient Welfare Centered Profession, Or Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise?



Musings : Junkets and Trinkets Ajai Singh 13

Editorial : Emphasising Prevention, Developing Therapies Complementing Approaches 15


Abstract 19

Introduction 20

The Problem 21

Spanner in the Works 22

Ominous portents: law suits against industry 23

Financial Condition of Pharma Majors on the Decline 25

The Recent Ranbaxy Showing 26

Why price deflation, increased R and D spending and litigation costs? 27

Set Rethinking Process into Motion 28

Is The Spate of Lawsuits Going to Increase? 29

What Do These Lawsuits Indicate? 30

Indian Pharma Industry 31

Remedy, Short term and Long 32

A. Short Term Measures 32

B. Long Term Measures 33

1. Medicine as a Corporate Enterprise 34

2. Medicine as a Patient Welfare Centered Profession 37

The Choice 40

Resolution: Medicine as a Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise 41

Summing up : Medicine as a Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise 46

Decide which side to be on 47

Concluding Remarks 48

References 50

Questions that this monograph raises 51

Call for poems in MSM Poems Section on Medicine, Health and Human Behaviour 52

MSM Poems

Silences 53

Parliament Ajai Singh 53

Readers Respond N. N. Wig 54


Dr. A. Venkoba Rao 55

Dr. S. G. Mudgal 56

Subscription 58

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Index 61


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Medicine as a corporate enterprise, patient welfare centered profession, or patient welfare centered professional enterprise?

http://www.msmonographs.org/showBackIssue.asp?issn=0973-1229;year=2005;volume=3;issue=2;month=November ]



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