I Monograph (Contd.): Concluding Remarks

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Concluding Remarks

Gulf War II is over and, as said earlier, will give rise to its own volume of PTSDs. The people involved, as the government and the soldiers, will no doubt have to bear the brunt. The high cost in terms of morbidity and mortality that war and terrorist attacks entail, both physical and psychiatric, is a cost governments and leaders must bear in mind as they engage in efforts at restructuring and regulating nations and peoples.

Human beings, of course, have their own compulsions to behave as they do. The mind, moreover, is adept at rationalizing and justifying every action and behaviour. This applies as much to warmongers as terrorist think -tanks. Political leaders and fundamentalist ideologues are great masters at finding such justification and convincing people at large with their rhetoric. Not that they do not have an agenda; but it is upto the people to realize what that agenda entails, for now and the future.

In a cost-benefit analysis of the post Gulf War II scenario, along  with the economic-political-militaryrehabilitative fallout, the psychological trauma that war and terrorism entails should also become part of the social audit a civilized society engages in.

If terrorism could get justice, and wars could combat terrorism, then this world would indeed have become a neat, unipolar world, suited to the designs and machinations of terrorist ideologues and international leaders wanting to make their mark in World History as it gets written. Fortunately, it is not a neat world, neither it is unipolar. It is time for people to reject the straitjacket that such leaders wish to put on them. It is also time for people to enjoy their multipolarity.

 The rejection has to come from the people. The people who are led by the terrorists. And the people who are led to war.

When will they remove the blindfold ? Or, not avoid seeing that which is best seen uncovered?

 When will they allow Buddha, Christ and Gandhi to rest in peace and avoid turning in their graves?

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