Questions That The Fourth Monograph Raises*

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IV Monograph  Questions

Q.1. What should governing bodies and funding agencies do to encourage original research?

Q.2 . How can Indians graduate to original research from replicative research?

Q.3. In which fields is original research taking place in this country? And to what degree?

Q.4. What changes in education pattern in schools/colleges will ensure that Indians take to original research in a big way?

Q.5. Will science ever answer questions like: Is there God? Is there an afterlife? Are miracles for real? etc. etc.

Q.6. How can scientific temper and religious belief coexist? On this planet? In an individual?

Q.7. Will scientific progress ultimately lead to mankind’s annihilation? Is there an antidote?

Q.8. If evidence is so important, what happens to belief and devotion? Should they be discarded, although they are useful to mankind at every step?

Q.9. The clinician believes the research evidences presented to him in conferences and journals. Should he discard this belief and trust only his own evidence? Is that a practical method of working?

Q.10. ‘Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.’ So said the great Albert Einstein. Is that sufficient enough resolution of the divide between religion and science?

Q.11. ‘Every genuine scientist must be... A metaphysician’, said George Bernard Shaw. Does this not have the danger of making him a poor scientist?

Q.12. How do you like the proposition: howsoever thin you slice a cake, there are always two sides?

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