V : Gandhi on Religion, Faith and Conversion: Secular Blueprint Relevant Today

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MSM 1(5), 2004. ISSN 0973-1229
ISBN: 978-81-89753-04-7

Contents :

Preface to the V Monograph

Abstract:Gandhi on Religion,Faith and Conversion. Secular Blueprint Relevant Today


On Religion

On Christianity

On Conversion

Missionary Work

Crystallization of Views

A Story

References and Notes

Questions that the V Monograph raises ;Readers Respond -- Some Answers : R.N.Sawardekar

Pandora's Box-- S.V.Ghatnekar

Fifth Monograph: Gandhi On Religion, Faith And Secularism: Secular Blueprint Relevant Today, Jan.-Feb. 2004.

ISSN 0973-1229.

ISBN 81-89753-04-5.

Rs. 100/- US $10/-

Mens Sana Monographs [MSM]: A Mens Sana Research Foundation Publication



Beware of the man whose god is in the skies.

- George Bernard Shaw (Maxims for Revolutionists)

The Infinite can be seen in the Finite, ... the Great can be glimpsed in the Small, ... we do not need to leave the world in order to know God.

 - Tagore