The Academia-Industry Symposium 2005-6: Medical Practice, Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry

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MSM 2(6), 3(1-3), 2005. ISSN 0973-1229
ISBN: 978-81-89753-11-5

ISSN O973-1229

Mens Sana Monographs, II:6, IV:1, March 2005-June 2006.



Mens Sana Monographs [MSM]: A Mens Sana Research Foundation Publication

VIII-IX Monographs


VIII Monograph: The Connection between Academia and Industry,

Mens Sana Monographs, II:6, III:1, Mar-June 2005. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-98753-09-6.


IX Monograph: Public Welfare Agenda or Corporate Research Agenda?

Mens Sana Monographs, III:2-3, July- Oct 2005. ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-10-X.


Combined Vol: Medical Practice, Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever the Trio Shall Meet. (Eight and Ninth Monographs). ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-89753-11-8. Rs. 250/- US $ 25/-.*


    Dedicated to


    Prof V. N. Bagadia


    A Lifetime Devoted to the Relevance of Psychiatry in Medicine


    V. N. Bagadia



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