VIII Monograph: The Connection between Academia and Industry (Full Text)

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Mens Sana Monographs, II:6, III:1, March-June 2005
ISSN 0973-1229. ISBN 81-98753-09-6.


The Academia-Industry Symposium

 Medical Practice, Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever the Trio Shall Meet-I



The Connection Between Academia and Industry



Ajai R. Singh

Shakuntala A. Singh






Preface : The Second Anniversary



Academia - Industry Proximity

Increasing Connection

‘Patient or Product’ Loyalty

Ambivalence About Industry Funding

Funds, Research Agendas, and Profit Maximization

R and D in Pharmaceutical Companies

Ethical Concerns and the Pseudo-Educational Dollar

Negative Implications of this Trend

Rationalizations abound

Needs of Academia and Industry

Growing Scale of Research

Conflict in Expectations, Competing Interests and Priorities

 1. The Public

 2. The Patients

 3. Companies, large and small

 4. Venture capital

 5. Stocks and Equity

Concluding Remarks


Questions that this monograph raises

Readers Respond

Abraham Verghese, J.K. Trivedi



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