IX Monograph: Public Welfare Agenda or Corporate Research Agenda? (Full Text)

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Mens Sana Monographs  III:2-4, July-Oct 2005.
ISSN 0973-1229. 
ISBN 81-89753-10-X.




The Academia-Industry Symposium


Medical Practice, Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry: And Ever the Trio Shall Meet-II




Public Welfare  Agenda or Corporate Research Agenda?



Ajai R. Singh

Shakuntala A. Singh






Can Academia call the Shots?

Corporate research agenda center stage

Public Welfare, or Corporate?

Academia’s naiveté

Contrary Findings and The Olivieri Case

Doctoring of Research Findings

Selective publishing, delay

Under reporting

Complete disclosure
Multi-centred trials

Ghost writing, duplicate publication and industry

Access to data and control over publication
Negative drug trials and the porcupine dance
Remedial measures
Legal action
Law suits against industry
Design and control of publication
Connection between funding and positive findings
Concluding Remarks


Questions That This Monograph Raises







The Story of a Young Man


A bright young man decided he wanted to make the removal of suffering his mission. He also loved to understand human nature. So he chose psychiatry as his branch.

 He studied hard. He mastered his textbooks, he attended the lectures and tutorials, he attended the ward rounds and grand rounds, he took and presented case histories, he admired his teachers, he looked up to the greats in his field with awe.

 He wanted to do research and went about it in right earnest. But when the time came for publication, he was not the principal author. The Head of department was. He wanted to pursue further research, but his Head was interested in clinical trials that got money for the department, and free sponsored trips for him. The young man too got the sponsored trips to conferences to present papers. And since his Head was well known, his papers were appreciated, and got him further opportunities. The pharmaceutical companies took charge of financial matters, and he learnt the tricks of the trade quickly.

 He wanted posts and publications, and his flexible nature and compliant attitude with his bosses ensured both. He got to know what was current coin in his field, what was in vogue in research, what was most recent, and starting mouthing it on suitable occasions in conferences, seminars and workshops to get approving nodes from his seniors. He started climbing the ropes first gradually, then with greater speed. He enjoyed the heady feel of success as he climbed up the ladder, knowing and learning quickly which side the bread was buttered. And also learned whose feathers not to ruffle, and whom to cozy with.

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