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Mass destruction due to external calamities 16


    as a Corporate Enterprise 20, 34-37, 49

    as a Patient Welfare Centered Profession 20, 37-40, 49

    as a Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise 20, 41-47, 49-50

    na´ve to believe that it will capture disease 16

64 Mens Sana Monographs, III,4-5, Nov. 2005-Feb. 2006

Medicine as a corporate enterprise 34-37

    apportion part of its funds from profits accrued for socially relevant causes 34

    basic difference 35

    four main hitches 35-36

    fourth hitch was how to tackle forces of marketplace 36

   ethical practices were to be followed, but those of a business, not of a  profession 34

    infrastructure, paramedical staff and treating doctors credentials and practices would be spruced up 35

    one hitch was massive cost escalation 35

    patients should be clients research advanced according to what earned more profits 34

    run as an industry 34

    second hitch was neglect of disease conditions afflicting socially disadvantaged 36

    third hitch was to curb questionable business practices of less scrupulous 36

Medicine As A Corporate Enterprise, Patient Welfare Centered Profession, Or Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise? v, vii, ix, xi, 19-51

    Where is Medicine Heading? Pointers and Directions from Recent Law Suits Against Industry v, vii, ix, xi, 19-51

Medicine as a Patient Wefare Centered Profession 37-40

    clear distinction between business of medicine, which industry followed, and profession of medicine, which medical practitioner/researcher should 38

    compulsions of academia/practice and industry essentially different 39

    cut down on pampering of medics 37

    doctor and other paraphernalia were means to ensure patient welfare 39

    doctor did not vie with, or envy, the businessman who could throw money around 38

    doctors to rein in avarice 39

    fallout of law suits spoke in the momentum of medical advance 39

    genuine research to be forwarded 37

massive movement to set priorities right 40

medical man, and academic researcher, to reign in avarice 37

medicine to assume the role it was originally envisaged to play 40

medicine to dedicate itself to disease amelioration 40

medicine to dedicate itself wholly and solely to patient welfare 40

     number of lawsuits against industry indicated patient would not be taken for a ride 39

    patient the boss, his welfare the mantra 39

    patients to rein in their methods of intimidating both patients and doctors 40

    patient welfare to become paramount 38

    profit margins wholesome but not awesome 37

    profits needed to forward the onward march of patients’ welfare 39

    research to be guided by need of the populace, not the fancy thing at present 38

    stilted growth of medical research towards what benefited sponsors 39

    wanted stringent procedures so compromised researcher, or industry major, could not manipulate results 38

     whole mass of research and practices remained conveniently neglected 39

Medicine as a Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise 41-47

     blind patient welfare and a lame profit would also spell chaos 44

     catalyst necessarily had to be ethical conduct by all parties concerned 46

     if blind decided to chart course and determine destination, would spell disaster 44

Mens Sana Monographs, III,4-5, Nov. 2005-Feb. 2006 65

     if lame profit welfare wanted to complete the journey on its own, would take great amount of time, may falter and fall 44

      healthy proportion was patient welfare with profits, in that order 43

      lame patient welfare complemented by essentially blind profit 45

     Lame patient welfare ride on, and direct, blind profit, and both reach destination 44

     medicine an enterprise wherein the profits accrue from its practice 47

     only justified reason whole enterprise of medicine and appendages could exist was patient welfare 41

     patients, clinician/researcher, infrastructure reactants, patient welfare, profits and knowledge, products 42

     patient welfare as the center around which everything revolves 46

     patient welfare became eyes, profit became legs, and complement each other 44

     patient welfare, essentially, lame 44

     patient welfare necessary, but not sufficient enough criterion 41

     profession of medicine should accept and allow for private enterprise 47

     profit, essentially, blind 44

     Profit, without patient welfare, blind. Patient welfare, without profit, lame. 43

     success important, can become enduring only if based on strong foundation of values 41

     two way correspondence 45

    You can’t enjoy the fruits of success if you have to argue with your own conscience (Premji, 2004) 41

     we must believe that sound business also involved an abiding commitment to values 41

     whoever decided to sanction anything and everything in the name of profit? 41

     why could ethics not play a role in business? 41

Mens Sana Annual 2004, 54

Mens Sana Editorial Board iii,

Welcome to Mens Sana Editorial Board iv

Mens Sana Monographs iii, iv, viii, xi, 11

Mental Health in India 1950 – 2000 2

Merck 19

     has forecast a fall in share earnings 25

     Vioxx catastrophe is likely to result in a US $ 10-15 billion litigation bill 25

‘Me too’ drugs 23, 33, 48

      hype over 20

Monograph release, thanks i

MSM Poems 53

     Parliament 53

     Silences 53

Mudgal, S.G., Obituary 54

Musings 13

      Junkets and Trinkets 13


Na´ve to believe that medicine will capture disease 16

Narendra N.Wig iii, iv, xiii, ix, 1,3-6, 7-10, 52

National Academy of Medical Science 1

Neurontin, Pfizer paid US $ 430 million to settle claims against offlabel use of 24

No option but to pamper Docs 13



    A.Venkoba Rao 55

     S.G. Mudgal 56-57

Ominous portents: Law suits against industry 23

    What did they indicate? 30-31

    Origin of disease, stemming, not attractive proposition 17


Patient population has not reduced 15

Patient Welfare Centered Profession,

    Medicine as a 20, 37-40

66 Mens Sana Monographs, III,4-5, Nov. 2005-Feb. 2006

Patient Welfare Centered Professional Enterprise, Medicine as a 20, 41-48

Patient welfare, without profit, is lame 20

profit, without patient welfare, is blind 20

Pandya, Sunil iii, iv

Patient patient 23

Patron Members 53

Paxil, GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay US $ 2.5 million for charges over 24

Permissive morality and AIDS epidemic 16

Peterson M., (2003), 24, 50r

PGIMER, Chandigarh., Prof Wig

Professor Emeritus as 1,

Pharma majors millions of dollars as compensation 24-25

Pharma Industry big, a lame duck 28

    busy hijacking medicine and its research agenda 25

    enough of portraying also-rans as champions 29

    enough of suppressing adverse effects 29

     financial condition of many pharmaceutical majors not buoyant 25-26

     go for the real champions 29

     Indian 31-32 no longer commands respect 25

     sit down and do some soul searching 29

     US market growth—half of global pharma sales occur in the USA— slowed, thanks largely to fewer blockbuster drug launches 25

Pfizer 19

   paid US $ 430 million to settle claims against off-label use Neurontin 24

    sued at present by consumer groups over its cholesterol-lowering drug, Lipitor 24

Pioneer, Conscientious Researcher, and a Multi-faceted Personality 3-6

     Write-up on Dr.Wig by A.K. Kala 3-6

Placebo effect, and patients 22

Poems, MSM 53

    Parliament 53

    Silences 53

Pondimin, an anti-obesity drug, US $ 1 billion verdict against it 25

Porphyria, Acute Intermittent 5

Prasads by the sponsors 21

Preface ix

Preventive and Social Medicine 17

Preventive Medicine, Complementary

Medicine and Religious Spirituality and Practices for disease prevention 18

Premji 41, 50r

Professional indemnity insurance premium would soar 31

Price deflation, increased R and D spending and litigation costs 19, 20, 27-28

Professional approach, ethics and values given by Prof Wig 10

Professional or Business Ethics in Medicine 20

Profit, without patient welfare, is blind 20

patient welfare, without profit, is lame 20

Profit, without patient welfare, blind.

Patient welfare, without profit, lame. 43

Prof. N.N. Wig Unit in Lahore 2


Questions that this monograph raises 51



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