Questions That The First Monograph Raises

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Questions That The First Monograph Raises

Q.1. What are the various psychiatric disturbances, apart from those noted in this monograph, which result from war, terrorist attacks, communal conflicts etc., that have been reported in various research studies in different parts of the world ?

Q.2 What have been the psychiatric disturbances reported in Indian studies following the numerous terrorist attacks and the communal riots in India? What have been the psychiatric sequelae of the various wars in which India was engaged?

Q.3. The terrorist is the product of a certain ideology and resultant training. What is it ?

Q.4. Can terrorist acts be justified under any circumstances?

Q.5. Can responding to terrorist threats in the form of waging wars be justified ? Is it proper to raise propagandist slogans to denounce opponents in war (e.g.. the slogan ‘ Weapons of Mass Destruction’, WMD, raised as a justification for Gulf War II)?

Q.6. Should despotic regimes be overthrown by democratic governments to liberate the people, if the people of the country feel powerless to do so ?

Q.7. What mechanisms should be put in order by mental health workers, social activists, NGOs, International organisations, governments etc., to tackle the psychopathological fall -out of terrorist attacks and postwar health problems ?

Q.8. Should the plight of the common man and the war veteran be considered a necessary price to pay in any war, or should it become a deterrent to leaders planning future wars?

Q.9. If war-mongers have a duty to society, do terrorists and their think-tanks have an equally important duty? How are these two to be balanced to ensure minimum of psychopathological disturbance for the common man?

Q.10. What can the common man do to stop being manipulated by both war-mongers and terrorist think-tanks, or being browbeaten into submission by despotic regimes?

Q.11. Is there another way to looking at this problem?

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