Suicide Free Society: Questions That The Monograph Raises

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Questions that the Second Monograph Raises

1. What concrete steps could be taken to reduce social isolation, prevent social disintegration and treat mental disorders?

2. Is setting up Centres to treat Depression a workable proposition? Are there specialized Centres like this working any where and what has been the experience like?

3 What are the important Indian studies in the field of suicide treatment and prevention?

4. Are there biological markers of suicide?

5. How much does disintegration of social institutions like the family contribute to suicide increase ?

6. What is the evidence to support the work of Befrienders International, Samaritans, Suicide help-lines etc. in the field of suicide prevention?

7. What could other NGOs do in the area of suicide prevention?

8. What could the enlightened citizen do to save a person from suicide?

9. What are the distress signals that should arouse the suspicion that a suicidal attempt is likely?

10. Is suicide prevention as public health policy a viable community health programme initiative?

11. Does the moral philosopher’s arguments about rational or irrational suicide hold any ground?

12. How do we account for deaths like Jnaneshwar’s, or Rama’s?

13. Do other animals commit suicide, or is it a phenomenon peculiar only to humans?

14. Has psychiatric treatment really helped reduce suicide rates, or has it remained constant inspite of their best efforts?

15. It is desirable that some individuals, who have no escape route whatsoever, be allowed to end their lives?

16. Is there a case for Physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia?

17. How can the mass media do responsible suicide reporting?

18. Is there any other way of looking at this problem? One which presents a diametrically opposite position or a refreshingly different perspective to this whole issue?



Contd.Answering Two Serious Charges on Suicide Prevention>>>



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