Questions That The III Monograph Raises

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Questions That The Third Monograph Raises

Q.1. How can we avoid exploitation of the needs of man and science byunethical practices carried out by market-forces, both in the pharmaceutical industry and the research field?

Q.2 . Is scientific advance always provisional? Does it have no finality?

Q.3. Are we justified in getting excited about recent advances, when what is recent today will become outdated tomorrow?

Q.4. Will scientific progress ever lead to the best, or only, treatment, or explanation, in medicine in general and psychiatry in particular?

Q.5. How do we balance new knowledge with old findings?

Q.6. What is the litmus test on which every scientific breakthrough, old or new, should get tested?

Q.7. Should be give up getting excited with recent advances? Then what should we get excited about, if at all?

Q.8. If refutation is the truth of science, then where is science ultimately going to lead us?

Q.9. Paradigm shifts alter perceptions, reorient thinking. But do they lead to real progress in knowledge, or does it simply mean giving up on one fad to get preoccupied with another?

Q.10. Are there newer problems that need newer strategies in medicine, or most of the so-called new problems are generated by society and nurtured by man, or just recycled, and a whole pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession run their livelihood on it?

Q.11. Are we becoming an overmedicated society in the name of newer and more advanced treatment strategies?

Q.12. Is there any other way of looking at this problem?

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